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This is the blog of The Peninsula Academy, a preschool in Yorktown, Virginia. Owner Melissa Pezzella has a passion for children and early childhood education. Through this blog, she shares thoughts, research, and information regarding early childhood education and preschool issues — and of course, all of the fun things going on at The Peninsula Academy!

Summer Safety Tips

    The CDC, Center For Disease Control and Prevention, published an article on safety tips for the summer.  Unfortunately, the number of injuries to children rise during the summer months.  Summer brings great opportunities for family fun, but danger looms in many of these activities.  Pools, sun, campfires, oceans, grills, and hot cars are just of few of the many dangers associated with summer. Read More »

Does your child have a bad habit?

    Does your child have a bad habit such as biting nails or sucking his/her thumb? The article, Preschoolers' Habits: Handle With Care, discusses such habits and how we should respond as parents. The author makes some interesting points about how our response can actually exasperate the problem rather than helping! Read More »

Tantrums...are they normal?

    If you are a parent, you have most likely experienced the moment when your child loses all composure and becomes this screaming, flailing child who leaves you wondering what in the world happened to your child! These moments are challenging and often times leave parents feeling frustrated and concerned. As a parent myself, I have been there and have questioned all my schooling as my child is flailing and causing a horrific scene in a store (which I must admit I thought my child would never do before becoming a parent)!  What causes these tantrums and are they normal? Read More »

Teacher Appreciation Week

    Teacher Appreciation Week is always a true joy at TPA due to our amazing PTO, Parent Teacher Organization.  Year after year, they amaze us with the special treats they surprise us with throughout the week. Read More »

Conferences: What should I ask the teacher?

    Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up in May.  This is a great time for you to sit down with your child's teacher and catch up on how your child has been progressing throughout the year.  I love the spring because it is a magical time in a child's learning and development.  Everything just seems to blossom and the children show so much academic growth during the spring. Read More »

The Importance Of Play

    Play is how children learn about their environment and gain understanding of how things work in a fun meaningful way.  Play allows children to imagine, reason, and discover in a non-structured manner.  In the article, "10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play", the author explains how play affects children and why it is so important.  At TPA, we have seen the magic that occurs when children are allowed to play and are given toys and/or props that enhance their imagination and role playing skills.  Click on the link below to read this informative article, and don't forget to play! Read More »

Why I Love Assessments!

HI!  I am sorry I have been out of the loop with my blog lately.  I find it hard to believe my last post was from when we received our accreditation!  My how time flies!  Well now that I am back, I wanted to write about our assessments, why we do them and why I love them! Read More »

NAEYC Accredited!

    I am so thrilled to announce that TPA is officially NAEYC accredited!  We prepared for our NAEYC inspection for a little over one year and then waited on inspection for another six months.  Overall, this was a two year process for us and we are ecstatic to finally be accredited! Read More »


    Why NAEYC, what is it, and why did we embark on the daunting task of becoming NAEYC accredited?!   Read More »


I was talking with my children the other day and they made a point that really hit home with me. My children are 13 and 9 years old and they were discussing an event that had occurred at school and the manner for which the teacher handled it.  My oldest child stated how frustrating it is when the teachers are not consistent and rules tend to change depending on the situation.  I was struck with how he indirectly was emphasizing the importance for consistent boundaries.  Children crave boundaries and rules and they innately want them to stay the same.  When a child pushes a boundary many times he/she is testing to see if the rule will be enforced.  When a parent or teacher gives in to the child's demands and does not enforce the rule, the child is confused and will often press boundaries with a greater frequency.  Parents and teachers can avoid many power struggles by deciding on the rules ahead of time and consistently reinforcing them.  I know as a parent myself this can be difficult.  When my children beg for something after I have told them no, it can be hard to remain firm.  I remind myself of the importance of being consistent and press through.  By giving in, you will only increase the frequency of your child acting out.  Consistency is key!   Remind yourself that although it is hard today to be firm, it will make for an easier tomorrow.   Read More »

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